Cassie Holmes is a fiction writer currently working on a collection of poetry and a debut novel. She has published work as a guest blogger and content creator.

Cassie grew up in Hawai’i on the Big Island where she still resides today with her husband, son, Jack Russell Terror, and an exceptionally cute pair of black cats.

Before she started writing full time, Cassie was a County of Hawai’i lifeguard for ten years where she was a big advocate of making sure children knew how to swim well. She also dabbled in a career as a librarian and veterinary technician.

When she is not writing with her fur babies, Cassie spends most of her time reading, gardening, and swimming at the beach. She loves traveling and has spent the past few years exploring the world on various trips.

Cassie started this blog to connect with other writers and readers on a personal level. She strives to inspire and empower others with her creative work and can often get swept away in deep conversations about creativity. This is her little slice of paradise.

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  1. Hi Cassie – Thanks for visiting and folowing my blog. Just like you, I plan to become a full-time writer, and of course, this takes time. I would love to visit Hawaai some day – I’ve heard it’s spectacular and since I’m from a volcanic island myself, I know I’d love it! Keep on writing!

    1. Thanks Shery! It does take time to become a full-time writer. Let me know if you are ever going to visit and I’ll give you some ideas for great locations to visit. 🙂

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