5 YouTube Channels for Book Lovers

books 1Hello, book lovers! Who spends countless hours watching book hauls and unboxing videos? I know I sure do. Which is why I want to share five bookish YouTube channels that I’ve recently been enjoying. I’ll admit that I follow a lot of BookTubers because I’m always looking for new books to read and I like to hear different opinions.

I usually  watch  YA BookTubers since I read and write a lot within the YA genre. This list leans heavily on the YA side, but there are some diverse books in the mix. So, without further ado, grab some coffee or a snack and let’s start drooling over some new books:

1. King Books

Alana, an aspiring filmmaker, creates a lot of videos about books. She also does some vlogs and talks about comic con, cosplay, and the t.v. show supernatural. I really like watching her book hauls and unboxing videos.

2. Squibbles Reads

Joce makes videos that are all about books – reviews, hauls, new releases, book tags, unboxings, and TBR piles. She loves thrillers, literary fiction, and contemporary. I really like her Hidden Gem Books series and that she shares a wide range of books.

3. Little Book Owl

Catriona posts videos of book reviews, hauls, unboxings, tags, and bookshelf tours. I love her passion for reading and excitement over new books. She also shows off some beautiful UK book covers.

4. Jesse the Reader

Jesse loves books. No really, he loves books, and he’s very entertaining to watch. He covers a lot of YA and fantasy in a silly, lighthearted way. His enthusiastic book reviews, hauls, challenges, and wrap-ups are a lot of fun to watch.

5. Abookutopia

Sasha is a proud book-o-holic who loves to talk about books. Everything from book covers, reviews, hauls, TBR piles, tags, and favorites can be found on her channel. She’s full of energy and her excitement for books is contagious. 

There are so many awesome BookTubers out there, but I felt like these five deserved an honorable mention. Do you have any BookTubers you like to watch? Do you have a book you would like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Aloha ~ Cassie

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