Making My First Envelope


I recently decided to spend more time working on creative projects. Years ago, I used to draw and paint all the time, but life gets busy when you’re always adulting. Today, I’m going to share my very first project for March. It’s an envelope!

Yep, that’s right. I made an envelope out of an adult coloring book page. I used paint and Tombow pens to decorate the page. Then I folded it this way and that way until it resembled an envelope. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t perfect, but I was still pleased with the results.

I’ll walk you through the steps I took before I reveal the final results of my envelope:

1. Pick out a page you like. I chose a page from the Tropical World: A Coloring Book Adventure by Milly Marotta. I also tried to think about how the page would look once I folded it into an envelope.

2. Once you’ve decided which page you’re going to use, color or decorate however you would like. I really don’t think you can go wrong with this step, just have fun with it. I put a messy coat of blue paint on before coloring with my Tombow pens.

3. When you’re finished coloring, cut the page down to 8 1/4″ square. Here’s the final outcome of my colored page before I cut it down…

4. Now fold the page into an envelope. I’ve seen people use a 123 Punch Board and adhesive tape, but I just eyeballed it and used a glue stick. Here’s a template of what the folds will look like:

make an envelope

And now for the final results of my envelope. I didn’t get the folds perfect and I do plan on buying the hole puncher when I can because it will make the folds a lot easier. Overall, I’m very pleased with the outcome. I was thinking a white address label would look nice with the colors and make the address pop.

Here’s the back…

And here’s the front…

This is a video I watched before making my envelope:

I had so much fun working on this project and I can’t wait to make more envelopes. I was going to send a note to my mom in my pretty creation, but my son told me that I needed to keep my first one. (Sorry, mom, it looks like you’ll be getting a different one.)

Now go make your own crafty envelope and let me know how it goes!

Aloha ~ Cassie

Envelope Template Image: via


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3 Responses to Making My First Envelope

  1. Oh my goodness, that is lovely! And your son is right, you should definitely keep your first one. Sea Lemon on YouTube has a great DIY craft channel if you’re interested in more kinds of art. πŸ˜€

  2. OMG that looks so fun! And it’s so pretty 😍 Thanks for sharing 😁

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