10 Writing Goals in March

green-chameleon-21532Hello March, thanks for sneaking up on me. It’s hard to believe we’re in the third month of the year, but I’ve got some good news. If you were born before 150 B.C., it’s the start of a new year. According to the oldest Roman calendars, one year was ten months long, beginning in March and ending in December. January and February were just called “winter” because they were too dreadful to acquire a proper name.

As an old soul, I see this little tidbit of information as permission to start fresh. Did you know March is actually named for the Latin Martius – aka Mars, the Roman God of war? With the winter frost melting away, March is the perfect time to pick up your pen and attack  your list of writing goals. Go ahead and destroy it. Maybe you’ll even get to write a gory fight scene.

10 writing goals I would like to complete in the month of March:

  1. Stick to a regular blog schedule.
  2. Read “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers”.
  3. Edit chapters 1-3 of my book.
  4. Write 2,000 words a day.
  5. Write 4 flash fiction stories.
  6. Write 31 six-word stories.
  7. Write 1 personal essay.
  8. Submit 4 pieces for publication.
  9. Continue sending daily snail mail.
  10. Connect more with other writers.

What are your writing goals for March? What are you excited about this month? Let me know in the comments.

Aloha ~ Cassie




About Cassie Holmes

Writer, Reader, Runner, Coffee Addict, Hawaii Life, Wife to a Musician, Mom to a Video Game Nerd, Cat Lady, Possible Alien
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4 Responses to 10 Writing Goals in March

  1. My main March goal is definitely to write more! Sadly, Book 2 isn’t going to write itself… 😂

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