Let’s Talk About Blogging

olu-eletu-32387Hello Everyone. I’d like to share some of my past experiences with blogging. I started blogging because i’m an introvert with an anxiety disorder and I thought that having a computer screen between me and my audience would help me open up.

When I first started, I liked that blogging allowed me to share and stay connected with my loved ones on the other side of the ocean. I thought maybe I’d even make a few new friends. Everything started out great, I was having fun creating content and sharing stories about my life in Hawaii.

Then something happened…

I wrote a post about living on an active volcano and it started to get a lot of attention. That’s awesome, right? Wrong! That amount of attention terrified me. I wasn’t ready for it and it made me uncomfortable. I felt exposed. Vulnerable. Anxious. So, I stopped blogging and deleted all my hard work.

It wasn’t a negative response that shook me up. Surprisingly, I never saw any negativity toward my posts, but that’s probably because I was holding back. I was playing it safe.

I wish I would have pushed through those uncomfortable feelings. I wish I would have pushed myself further into the spotlight. I should have revealed more of myself and allowed people to see who I really was.

I’ve grown a lot since those early blogging years and I’ve learned to step into situations that make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t hide anymore and I’m learning how to be a stronger person.

After much thought, I’ve decided to start blogging on a regular basis again. I don’t want to let anxiety win.

And to anyone who has stuck around or followed my blog even when I wasn’t posting, thank you for being apart of this journey. I really appreciate your company. Please bare with me while I work out the kinks of my neglected blog.

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, feel free to share them in the comments below. What would you like to know about Hawaii? What would you like to know about me?

Aloha ~ Cassie

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3 Responses to Let’s Talk About Blogging

  1. Oh, I admire your honesty…I’m still relatively new to the blogging world, but already I understand how much courage it actually takes to write about something so personal. Here’s to you and your overcoming anxiety! 🙂
    Hmmm…since you asked, living on an active volcano…is it as scary as I think it is? Or not really?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. It’s not as scary as you might think. One of the downsides of living on an active volcano is the air quality. If the air blows a certain way we get volcanic dust and gases called vog. I’ll write another blog post about the volcano since I deleted the last one. 🙂

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