Scribbles: Seafoam Green

SeafoamPut on 1950s music and frolic by the beach because I’m seafoam green, and I’m making a comeback, baby! I’m that focal point you don’t want to wash out. I’m that perfect blend of earthy greens and ocean blues. I’m more than light blue-green that hangs out next to aquamarine. This color wheel is tight! We can mix and match, it won’t bother none. I’m versatile! I’m harmonizing with neutrality, I’m warming up with sunny, mellow yellows. I’m a throwback color with a throw down. The original, mint condition. I’m retro, baby! Dress me up with some gold and black and I’ll be your art deco love shack. I know how to glamorize. I’ve got a vibe! I’m that peaceful tranquility, I’m that pale, pastel tint of spring green, but I’m more than just soft. I’ve got a pop! Hold me back with some of that pink bubblegum drop.

Note: I wrote this when asked to describe a color for a creative  writing class.

I had so much fun writing this colorful description and now I want to make a collection of my  own interpretations of all the colors. Have you ever tried describing colors? If you haven’t, I encourage you to give it a try. It can spark a lot of creativity.

Aloha ~ Cassie

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