Scribbles: The Candle

a704f-_fire_digital_art__2She stood five inches tall and was smokin’ hot. Her smooth, waxy skin was the swirl of a morning sunrise. Brilliant shades of pinks and oranges blending together at the center of the table. She lit up the room in a warm glow while the family ate their dinner. The intoxicating aroma of sweet oranges rose up from her flame. Everyone sitting at the table ignored her. Except for Peter, who found her to be enticing. All he wanted to do was touch the warm glow of her light. He made sure no one was looking as he stretched his hand out across the table. Her dancing inferno drew him in as the room hummed with conversation. In one quick motion he stuck his finger into her flame. Oh, did it burn!

*Note: This was written during a writing class when I was asked to describe a candle.

Feel free to share your own description of a candle in the comments below.

Aloha ~ Cassie

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Writer, Reader, Runner, Coffee Addict, Hawaii Life, Wife to a Musician, Mom to a Video Game Nerd, Cat Lady, Possible Alien
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