Fashion with Ryan: Floral Dresses

I thought you guys might enjoy hearing some stylish thoughts from my husband, Ryan. You might be able to tell that his fashion experience is somewhat limited, but I think you may just find it entertaining anyway. I asked him what he thought of these ten floral dresses and here is what he had to say…

1. Fans out nicely


2. Goes well with the wallpaper

floral 5

3. Makes cheap furniture look good

floral 6

4. Who’s been painting my roses red? Off with their heads!

floral 7

5. A little useless belt goes a long way

floral 8

6. Great for Taco Tuesdays

floral cardi2

7. Where’s the thigh gap (Just kidding)

floral 10

8. Blending into your environment

floral 11

9. Making grandma’s cardigan work

floral with cardi

10. Always walk your dog in your Easter dress


I hope you enjoyed Ryan’s stylish thoughts. Sometimes it’s nice to get a guy’s perspective on these things. Maybe next time I will ask him about crop tops.

Aloha ~ Cassie

Photos: WeHeartIt


About Cassie Holmes

Writer, Reader, Runner, Coffee Addict, Hawaii Life, Wife to a Musician, Mom to a Video Game Nerd, Cat Lady, Possible Alien
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12 Responses to Fashion with Ryan: Floral Dresses

  1. lncdubai says:

    This really is very funny. You should definitely get his opinions on other items too. I look forward to another post like this. 🙂

  2. nixondoll says:

    This was hilarious! Guys have the funniest insight to the things we like.

  3. OK, Loving the Style advice from your husband segments. Very original and fun!

  4. Chris says:

    Ryan is still a hoot, Cassie.

  5. Alex Micati says:

    Ryan, I don’t know you but I feel that you have quite a funny bone. 😀

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