Flash Fiction: The Sorrow of the Daily News

sad-womanEvery morning I have the same routine. I wake up at six and step outside to collect the daily newspaper. My dog Mochi runs out to chase the neighbor’s cat and it takes me a while to get him back inside. After I retrieve Mochi, I boil water for my daily cup of coffee. If it’s sunny I’ll sit outside on the patio chair where I’m surrounded by potted Gardenia and Pikake plants. I read the paper and sip coffee from my favorite mug. Continue reading

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Personal Essay: Three Keys to a Better Life

three-keys-escape-gameIt all started with a bag of keys. Each key was different varying in shape, size, and color. This is how I started my new job as the senior lifeguard of a county pool. My boss handed me the bag of keys before we walked around the newly renovated facility. There were at least a hundred unlabeled keys in the tattered bag. He didn’t know which key would fit into each lock. That was something I would have to figure out on my own. Continue reading

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Scribbles: Seafoam Green

SeafoamPut on 1950s music and frolic by the beach because I’m seafoam green, and I’m making a comeback, baby! I’m that focal point you don’t want to wash out. I’m that perfect blend of earthy greens and ocean blues. I’m more than light blue-green that hangs out next to aquamarine. This color wheel is tight! We can mix and match, it won’t bother none. I’m versatile! I’m harmonizing with neutrality, I’m warming up with sunny, mellow yellows. I’m a throwback color with a throw down. The original, mint condition. I’m retro, baby! Dress me up with some gold and black and I’ll be your art deco love shack. Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: A Walk Through the Park

111Mary was fed up with Bob and decided it was time to go home. He wasn’t listening to her and she had taken precious time out of her day to walk through the park with him. He had left her behind the first chance he got. First, he had gone off to say hi to a group of people having a picnic and now, he was at the lunch wagon waiting for a hot dog. Continue reading

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Scribbles: The Candle

a704f-_fire_digital_art__2She stood five inches tall and was smokin’ hot. Her smooth, waxy skin was the swirl of a morning sunrise. Brilliant shades of pinks and oranges blending together at the center of the table. She lit up the room in a warm glow while the family ate their dinner. The intoxicating aroma of sweet oranges rose up from her flame. Continue reading

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Writer’s Tag

13167462_1689269797992622_1876058742_nHello Everyone!

Today, I am participating in the Writer Tag and I encourage all my fellow writers to do your own. I would love to hear more about your writerly ways. I’ve been writing a lot, but I haven’t been sharing a lot. That’s something I would like to work on. So, with that being said, let’s get on with answering some questions… Continue reading

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