5 YouTube Channels for Book Lovers

books 1Hello, book lovers! Who spends countless hours watching book hauls and unboxing videos? I know I sure do. Which is why I want to share five bookish YouTube channels that I’ve recently been enjoying. I’ll admit that I follow a lot of BookTubers because I’m always looking for new books to read and I like to hear different opinions. Continue reading

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Making My First Envelope


I recently decided to spend more time working on creative projects. Years ago, I used to draw and paint all the time, but life gets busy when you’re always adulting. Today, I’m going to share my very first project for March. It’s an envelope! Continue reading

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7 Facts About Me

one-lovely-blog_awardHappy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s week is going well. So far I’m having a productive week and I’m excited to have some fun with this post. Yesterday I was nominated by the lovely Beatrice for the One Lovely Blog Award which means I get to share some fun facts about myself today.

If you don’t know Beatrice yet, please stop by her blog and say hello. Also, check out her book Into the Shadows. I can’t wait to read it. Continue reading

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Let’s Bring Cassie Back

my-name-is-cassieDid you know that it’s Fun Facts About Names Day? As a writer, I do a lot of research  about names for my different characters, but I’ve never taken the time to look up the name Cassie. Today seemed like the perfect day to check out the meaning and origin of my own name and I was actually surprised by what I discovered. Continue reading

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Amazon Book Haul

booksHappy Aloha Friday! It’s finally the weekend which means more time for two of my favorite things, beach time and reading time. This weekend I’m extra excited because I just got some new books. Check ’em out. Continue reading

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10 Writing Goals in March

green-chameleon-21532Hello March, thanks for sneaking up on me. It’s hard to believe we’re in the third month of the year, but I’ve got some good news. If you were born before 150 B.C., it’s the start of a new year. According to the oldest Roman calendars, one year was ten months long, beginning in March and ending in December. January and February were just called “winter” because they were too dreadful to acquire a proper name. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Blogging

olu-eletu-32387Hello Everyone. I’d like to share some of my past experiences with blogging. I started blogging because i’m an introvert with an anxiety disorder and I thought that having a computer screen between me and my audience would help me open up.

When I first started, I liked that blogging allowed me to share and stay connected Continue reading

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